Hops. Humulus lupulus. A long-lived, perennial, climbing herb of which, it was discovered several hundred years ago, a flower was produced that greatly retarded spoilage and added a unique bitterness, flavor and aroma to beer. And so it is today that we cultivate dozens of varieties in that all-consuming quest for "the perfect beer".

We sell 2 main forms of hop flowers for your brewing pleasure as well as hops roots (in season). All are high-quality and fresh.

*Whole Hops - we sell 23 varieties. Whole hops should be green, pale green or even a pale yellow in color. Brown hops belong only in special Belgian brews or in the compost heap! And remember to refrigerate all hops...

Pellet Hops - we sell 14 varieties. Pellet hops are first ground into a fine powder and then compressed into pellets. The advantage of this process is better control of the freshness, they are more easily stored and blends can be produced.

Hop Rhizomes - we sell these only in the Spring and for a limited time for those who would like to try their hand at raising their own crop. They will need full sun, moist (not wet) loamy soil and plenty of fertilizer (cow or chicken manure is best) and a support to climb.

*HOPS DANGER TO PETS -- the spent hops from the home brewing of beer presents a new danger to dogs. The National Animal Poison Control Center has been consulted on several dogs, only one of whom survived. The dogs present with panting, restlessness, and signs of increasing pain. The most significant symptom is a rapid increase in temperature called malignant hyperthermia. Treatment includes gastric lavage, charcoal slurry, coldwater baths and IV sodium bicarbonate to reverse metabolic acidosis. Hops contain a variety of biologically active compounds, the most suspect however is an uncharacterized alkaloid.

If your dog has a tendency to eat, at will, whatever is available or you are not ABSOLUTELY positive your dog will not eat spent hops we recommend you throw the spent hops away in the garbage and check to make sure the lid is secured.