Malt Extracts

We carry Briess Malt extracts.

Malt extract comes in two basic forms.  Liquid or dry.

Liquid Malt Extract or LME is basically made by conducting a typical mash and then dehydrating the wort down to about 20 percent water. What is left is a goopy, molasses-like syrup.

In recipes calling for large amounts of malt extract, LME may be the best option for a bulk of the fermentables.

Liquid malt extract is available in 3.3# cans or in bulk up to 12# per container.

Dry Malt Extract or DME is created the same way as LME except it goes through an additional dehydration step which reduces the water content down to about 2 percent. Because of the lower water content, DME tends to have a better shelf life without the darkening issues of light malt extract.

Being in powder form also allows for much easier weighing compared to LME when not using an entire package. When you’re done, simply squeeze out as much of the air as possible from the package, seal it tight and store in a cool, dark area.

We carry our dry malt in two and six pound packages.