We carry four different categories of malted grains:

Base Malts - the workhorse of the grain bed. These pale malt grains will provide the bulk of your mash. Now available: Organic base malts!

Specialty Malts - these grains will provide your beer with its distinctive style and flavor. With over 30 varieties to choose from this is where the joy of experimenting comes into play.

By-The-Bag - this section carries the pale malt grains in the Base Malt section in 50 or 55 lb. bags for your brewing convenience.

Flaked Grains - one can think of these as adjuncts to the mash. These grains can impart unique subtleties to your beer character and flavor such as adding sharpness with flaked rye or head retention with flaked barley. Flaked grains should be used with an eye towards potential problems such as a lack of enzyme power, slow runoffs or chill haze in lighter styles.

All malted grains are of the highest quality and freshness. All malted grains are milled for free with your order. With over 40 varieties to chose from the hardest part will be deciding which ones to order!

Ahh, the world of all-grain homebrewing! Not for those who place a premium on time but for those who place a premium on their beer.

Relax, Don't Worry! Have a Homebrew!