Mead Section

Now, you can buy commercially made meads, but for an intoxicatingly sweet, other-worldly experience we recommend making your own. It is amazingly simple, fast and you control the quality and quantity.

We carry everything you will need to make all manner of meads including; Melomels, Metheglins, Pyments, Braggots and more.

We stock up to 4 different varieties of honey at all times! Fireweed, Wildflower, Clover, and Berry honey are just a few of the varieties we may carry.

Please call the store to inquire about the current varieties available because they do change often. Available to order on our website in 6 lb., 7 lb., 10 lb., or 12 lb. sizes.

We can make orders in quantities other than these but require you to call the store for the order.

We carry 2 brands of fruit juice concentrates for your mead making pleasure - Natural Fruit Concentrates and Vintners Harvest Purees and Fruit Bases. Both are high quality and will give delicious results.

We carry 4 different kinds of yeasts for your mead. Redstar, Lalvin, White Labs and Vierka

We also carry books on mead to help get you started on the how and why of mead making.

We stock a wide variety of bottles in our bottling section plus labels for your creations.

Mead makes a wonderful gift for holidays or special occasions. You will receive many compliments!