Vintner's Harvest Fruit Bases

Bases are solid packed in its own juice with no sugar or sulfites added. Note: Minor variations in fruit types may exist from season to season.

Add Vintner's Harvest Fruit Bases to the primary fermentor. Used to make wine when fresh fruit is not in season. Vintner's Harvest Fruit Wine Bases come with 5 gallon yield recipes or 3 gallons if you prefer a fuller fruit flavor.

*Important Note: Kits require, but do not include: sugar, yeast, yeast nutrients, acid blend, pectic enzyme, grape tannin or bisulfites (or campden tablets).

Above ingredients must be ordered separately.

1 can = 5 gallons (or 3 gallons if you want more flavor) or add to Vintner's Harvest Fruit Puree for a five gallon more flavorful product.
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