Beer Supplies

We stock only the finest hops, grains, extract kits and yeasts for your brewing experience. We carry a large variety of grains. Bairds, Briess, Cargill, Dingaman’s, Franco-Belges, Gambrinus, Meussdoerffer, OIO, Paul’s, Simpson's, Warminster, and Weyermann’s.

We carry 9 types of base malts, 30+specialty malts, 6 different flaked varieties and rice hulls. All of our base malts are available by the bag.The only limit will be your imagination!

We carry 23 varieties of whole hops and 14 varieties of pelleted hops for your brewing pleasure. In the Spring you can also order hop rhizomes to "grow your own" and learn the joy of using your own crop to brew with.

The Malt Extract Kits we carry are from Cooper's. For the Malt Extract Kits that require additional sugars for brewing we carry Dry Malt Extract from Briess. We carry Briess Pilsen Bulk Malt Extract and did we mention Plain Malt Extracts by Briess? We also carry gluten-free White Sorghum in 3.3 lb cans.

Adjuncts are often used in the finished beer to achieve certain characteristics such as flavor, visual appearance and stability. We carry a large selection of quality adjuncts to promote your idea of the perfect beer. Belgian Rock Candies, Spruce Essence, Malto-Dextrin, White Rice Syrup Solids and Cinnamon Sticks are just a sample of our line.

And finally - what is brewing withoutBrewing Yeasts? Our yeasts come from White Labs. We carry 38 types of liquid beer yeast from White Labs plus their bi-monthly Vault varieties. And we are now stocking Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus.   Additionally, we stock dry yeast from Coopers, Munton’s, Danstar’s Nottingham, as well as Vierka and Kitzinger German Lager and Fermentis yeasts.

When you are finished please don't forget that no matter how well the brewing process went it won't mean anything if your equipment is contaminated! Please don't forget to visit the Chemical and Sanitizer section to make sure you have the cleanest equipment possible!