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Welcome to the Wine, Mead and Cider Yeast Section
A good wine yeast should have the following qualities:
  • It should settle out to form a firm sediment in the bottom of jugs to make racking easier.
  • It should be able to produce at least 10% alcohol (The yeast eventually dies from exposure to alcohol).
  • It should be easy to start.
  • It should not impart any off-flavors to the wine.
We carry three different brands of wine yeasts.

White Labs liquid yeasts - are ready to use. Each yeast strain is hand selected to produce styles you have requested. White Labs Liquid Brewer's Yeast is tested to be over 95% viable, 100% free of wild yeast, aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria.

Redstar yeast - Every wine has a distinction all its own. Maintaining that
distinction is the ongoing challenge of every winery. The key is consistency, a word that Red Star Yeast defines with results. As the largest and most diversified manufacturer of wine yeast in the United States, Red Star® Yeast helps premier winemakers achieve consistency throughout the fermentation process with the right wine yeast for the most discriminating taste.

Lalvin yeasts - It's not surprising that the finest wines are made using only the finest ingredients. It's also not surprising that the finest winemakers use Lalvin dried wine yeast. If you're making wine, you want the best.

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