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Welcome to the Beer Yeast Section
Brettanomyces and Bacteria
White Labs has discovered a way to use the wild bacteria strain, Brettanomyces, to produce an exciting new area of fermentation possibilites. For the experienced brewer this is a chance to explore new brewing styles and tastes.

Berliner Weisse Blend Yeast:

A blend of a traditional German Weizen yeast and Lactobacillus to create a subtle, tart, drinkable beer. Can take several months to develop tart character. Perfect for traditional Berliner Weisse.
Attenuation: 73-80%
Flocculation: Medium.
Optimum Fermentation Temp: 68-72° F.
item #WLP630

the price $7.25
+ $4.50 handling fee
White Labs liquid yeast - WLP630 Berliner Weisse Blend Yeast (item#WLP630)

Brettanomyces claussenii

Low intensity Brett character. Originally isolated from strong English stock beer, in the early 20th century. The Brett flavors produced are more subtle than WLP650 and WLP653. More aroma than flavor contribution. Fruity, pineapple like aroma. B. claussenii is closely related to B. anomalus.
item #WLP645

the price $7.25
+ $4.50 handling fee
WLP645 Brettanomyces claussenii (item #WLP645)

Brettanomyces lambicus

High intensity Brett character. Defines the "Brett character": Horsey, smoky and spicy flavors. As the name suggests, this strain is found most often in Lambic style beers, which are spontaneously fermented beers. Also found in Flanders and sour brown style beers.
item #WLP653

the price $7.25
+ $4.50 handling fee
WLP653 Brettanomyces lambicus (item #WLP653)
Belgian Sour Mix 1

A unique blend perfect for Belgian style beers. Includes Brettanomyces, Saccharomyces, and the bacterial strains Lactobacillus and Pediococcus.
item #WLP655

the price $7.25
+ $4.50 handling fee
WLP655 Belgian Sour Mix 1 (item #WLP655)

American Farmhouse Blend:

Inspired by local American brewers crafting semi- traditional Belgian-style ales. This blend creates a complex flavor profile with a moderate level of sourness. It consists of a traditional farmhouse yeast strain and Brettanomyces. Great yeast for farmhouse ales, Saisons, and other Belgian-inspired beers.
Attenuation: 75-82%
Flocculation: Medium
High Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 68-72°F
item #WLP670
the price $7.25
+ $4.50 handling fee
White Labs liquid yeast - WLP670 American Farmhouse Blend Yeast (item#WLP670)

Lactobacillus Bacteria

This lactic acid bacteria produces moderate levels of acidity and sour flavors found in lambics, Berliner Weiss, sour brown ale and gueze.
item #WLP677

the price $7.25
+ $4.50 handling fee
WLP677 Lactobacillus Bacteria (item #WLP677)
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