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Country Wine Kit
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Welcome to the Wine Section
CellarCraft International Collection Premium Wine Kits6 week premium wine kits:

Offering classic wines from many of the world's major wine regions. Discover the global pleasures of Cellar Craft ~ wine without borders~.

Note: Due to the weight of these kits each will be shipped as a single item.

Showcase ~ Showcase White
All Showcase wine kits are $120.00
+ $6.00 handling fee
CellarCraft uses over 12 pounds of virgin, varietal grapes to produce "Crushed Grape Packs" for true, on-the-skins fermentation in its Showcase reds. All of the natural skins and solids from variety-specific grapes are captured for extra extraction of aromatics, flavor, tannin, colour and body during the fermentation stage. The finished wine shows character never before possible from a kit. Truly a quality breakthrough! Each kit is in the 18 liter format and produces 23 liters of finished wine.

These are Showcase Red Wine Kits:
This wine is full-bodied, with a deep garnet colour and richly dry. Notes of plum, sour cherry, raspberry and vanilla gradually marry with anise, bitter chocolate, coffee, tobacco, leather and fig tones that develop with age. Long, lingering finish and alcohol that should exceed 15%. Try to give this wine at least 1 year of aging to enjoy the truly remarkable Amarone experience.
item #4747
CellarCraft International Collection Showcase Wine: Amarone (item #4747)
Piedmont, Italy, BARBERA We have been excited about this wine since we tasted the first prototype of our 2006 Limited Release more than 2 years ago. We were rewarded when the still young wine took 8 medals at the Wine Maker Magazine 2007 competition* and continue to be thrilled as we discover the ongoing growth and development of the wine whenever we pull a cork on one of the few bottles remaining from the 2006 Limited Release.

Barbera has been the most popular grape in the Piedmont region in Northwest Italy for centuries. In recent years, as growers and winemakers have been adopting more modern techniques, Barbera has undergone a remarkable transformation. With new vineyard care, especially around Alba and Asti, it has emerged as a top-ranked wine which readily wthstands comparison to noble Nebbiolo (Barolo) but does not require the extended ageing that Nebbiolo demands. Deep ruby, medium-bodied and fruity in its youth, it ages to impressive depth and elegance. The fruit in our 2 year old samples remains as fresh and inviting as it was at 6 months. The oak and tannins have mellowed to a soft and well-rounded impression that lifts the fruit to a most attractive level.

In pairing this wine with food, you might want to consider that the Piedmontese find Barbera to be the ideal match for beef, duck, goose, and prosciutto or salami. It also compliments simple risotto or pasta dishes that utilize mushrooms and parmigianoreggiano cheese or a favorite Piedmont pizza made with tomatoes, clams, mussels, anchovies, artichokes, and olives.

*Wine Maker magazine has granted the re-use of the copyright protected results of the WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition. For more information on the competition, please visit

item #4746
CellarCraft International Collection Showcase Wine: Barbera (item #4746)

Our medal-winning 2005 Limited Release Carmenere created nothing but enthusiastic comment. Now Carmenere is back but with grapes from what has become the new, premiere region in Chile.

Multi-flavoured Carmenere from Colchagua shows best when processed with extended oak contact. Again we utilize our break-through, two-stage oaking system. Hungarian oak shavings are introduced at the start of fermentation, then lightly toasted Hungarian oak cubes are used for further extraction during the post-fermentation stage. The oaks together add surprisingly soft tannis, subtle toast and vanilla which provide a terrific back-drop to the aromas and flavours of blackberry, black cherry, tropical fruit, and spice from the grapes. With age, notes of coffee, mocha, and tobacco can be expected along with a mineral tang that forms as part of the lengthy finish.

The wine is medium to full-bolied with bright ruby colour. Its charm will begin to show after six months of cellaring, and it should continue to develop for at least two years.
item #4753
CellarCraft International Collection Showcase Wine: Carmenere (item #4753)

Chateau Du Pays:
A 4 week wine kit.
In the style of fine wines of the southern Rhône Valley. This wine derives its complex character from Syrah, Carignan and Grenache grapes. Rich flavors suggestive of cherry, raspberry, blackberry and plum combine with notes of pepper and chocolate. The finish shows a subtle herbaceous note and a suggestion of cedar and violets.
item #4736
CellarCraft International Collection Showcase Wine: Chateau Du Pays (item #4736)

Lodi Old Vines Zindandel:
Exhibits silken layers of multidimensional delight. It starts with an up-front core of blackberry and dark cherry aromas, followed by suggestions of blueberry, raspberry, cranberry and dried plum. Undertones are of chocolate, almond and exotic spice. Ends with an unmistakable black pepper sensation.
item #4745
CellarCraft International Collection Showcase Wine: Lodi Old Vines Zindandel (item #4745)
Argentina Malbec:
Our Malbec is distinguished by its dark, dense structure; full-rounded mouth-feel; prominent, lush flavours of ripe cherry, black currant and black berry; subtle notes of clove, vanilla and caramel with background suggestions of earthiness. The bright, vibrant edge is beautifully counterbalanced by our 2-stage Hungarian oak process.
item #4749
CellarCraft International Collection Showcase Wine: Argentina Malbec (item #4749)

Rosso Fortissimo:
A Super-Tuscan styled wine vinted from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and native Italian varieties. A big, full-bodied wine with solid structure and bold fruit notes. French and American oaks contribute toasty vanilla and perfect balance to this intense wine.
item #4730
CellarCraft International Collection Showcase Wine: Rosso Fortissimo (item #4730)
Washington State Merlot:
Bold, yet elegant. This Yakima Valley Merlot is big and full with up-front waves of raspberry, blackberry and plum. Subtle notes of cedar and mocha follow the fruit. American oak balances the tannins and creates harmony.
item #4733
CellarCraft International Collection Showcase Wine: Washington State Merlot (item #4733)

Yakima Cabernet/Shiraz:
A blockbuster with a rush of blackberry, plum, cherry and candied orange fragrances. Followed by flavors of currant, fig, cedar and spice intertwined with a beautiful balance of toasted oaks. Rich, elegant finish.
item #4742
CellarCraft International Collection Showcase Wine: Yakima Cabernet/Shiraz (item #4742)

All Showcase wine kits are $120.00
+ $6.00 handling fee
No sugars have been added to the must. No non-grape flavors, esters or botanicals have been added to the kit. Each kit is in the 18 liter format and produces 23 liters of finished wine.

These are Showcase White Wine Kits:
Washington State Gewürztraminer:
Made with select juices from the Yakima Valley. Finished with our exclusive, all natural "Flavor Reserve". A powerhouse of lychee, mango, grapefruit, honey and spice. Lovely, long finish.
item #4780
CellarCraft Showcase Wine: Washington State Gewürztraminer (item #4780)
  Pinot Gris:
This wine displays aromatic notes of green apple and lemon against a floral and honeyed background. Our natural Flavor Reserve creates a rich mouth-feel with tangy fruit acid balancing the hint of sweetness. Floral and mineral notes persist in the lingering finish. The wine's full character and charm become most apparent after several months of bottle aging. Should show well for up to 18 months.
A good choice for foods rich in butter and oil, garlic and lively spices. Consider for shrimp, crab and fish dishes; rich pastas; cannelloni with ricotta, chicken and most Chinese and Thai dishes. Serve lightly chilled.
item #4770
CellarCraft Showcase Wine: Pinot Gris (item #4770)

Cherry Hill Vineyard, Yakima Valley, Washington
Washington is renowned for producing the best Rieslings in the US. Cherry Hill Vineyard produces the best Riesling that we have experienced in Washington. Cherry Hill Riesling displays the classic intense perfume of green apple, pear and lime with a crisp acidity that defines great Riesling. It also has an opulently textured personality built around a pronounced orange blossom bouquet and spicy notes that together evoke thoughts of candied tangerine. A stunning wine that, from the 2005 vintage, reaches heights we have not before seen.

With this treasure in our cellars it was clear that we had to revamp our blend to pack even more of the pure juice into each kit so that our customers could experience the maximum impact that this wine delivers.
item #4762
CellarCraft Showcase Wine: Riesling (item #4762)

Yakima Valley Traminer - Riesling:
Peach and melon undertones from Riesling marry beautifully with the spice, mango, grapefruit and lychee notes from Gewürztraminer. Incredibly elegant with a hint of sweetness from our Riesling-based "Flavor Reserve". Enjoy young and fresh or cellar for a more harmonious profile.
item #4783
CellarCraft Showcase Wine: Yakima Valley Traminer - Riesling (item #4783)
Yakima Valley Viognier:
A delightful, aromatic wine from Washington State. Aromas of apricot, mango, peach, orange blossom, violets and spiced pear dazzle the senses. Our "Flavor Reserve" makes for velvet softness and a full, lingering finish.
item #4786
CellarCraft Showcase Wine: Yakima Valley Viognier (item #4786)

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