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CellarCraft Limited Edition  Premium Wine Kits
Cellar Craft 2012 Limited Release Collection is no longer available for order
Revisit this page when next year's selections are released.

Note: Due to the weight of these kits each will be shipped as a single item.

*Limited Release*: All the kits listed as Limited Release are for sale for only a short time. Customers may not order these kits after the sell date.
Due to the special order status of these wine kits you will be charged at time of ordering for the kit, shipping and handling.

All Cellar Craft Limited Release wine kits are $145.00

January 2012 Limited Release
Pinot Noir
Bella Sonoma Vineyard, Sonoma Coast, California

Fermented on Sonoma Coast, virgin, crushed grapes.

The Sonoma Coast is California's "hottest" Pinot Noir region because it is California's coolest temperature wine region where soils are generally demanding with high rock, gravel and clay content. These conditions result in low crop yields and wines which are concentrated, complex and elegant with ageing and attracting a rush of new plantings within the region.

The Bella Sonoma Vineyard in the south-west part of the region has rocky, shallow soil and was planted 15-16 years ago with a variety of Dijon clones. It is heavily influenced by marine fogs which flow freely inland though the Petaluma Gap keeping temperatures low for ideal flavour development.

This bright ruby-hued wine is medium-bodied with classic aromatics dominated by bright cherry, fresh raspberry, elegant spice and subtle notes from medium toast Hungarian oak introduced post-fermentation.

The palate shows more cherry, a suggestion of black fruits and licorice with a balance of vibrant coastal acidity and fine tannins.

Sensory refinement and elegance will begin to develop after 12 months and should continue through the third or forth years of cellaring to become a very special Pinot.

With moderate tannins and bright coastal acidity the wine will compliment a wide range of foods - from white fish to beef steaks and most dishes in between. Classic pairings include coq au vin, duck, pheasant, rabbit, salmon, shellfish, and smoked foods. Of course, it is also the first choice as a red, social sipper for your special guests.

Don't fuss it - just serve it!

item #4799-0112
No longer available

  February 2012 Limited Release
Erickson Farm, Madera, California

The Barolo varietal with a 2 liter, virgin crushed grape pack

The Nebbiolo grape is most famous for being the primary varietal in Italian Barolo and Barbaresco wines. It has also been slowly making inroads in California vineyards.

We have been running trials with Nebbiolo grapes from Erickson Farm in Madera, California for nearly a year and are pleased to now offer you the chance to discover Nebbiolo in our take on an American-style Barolo in this year's Limited Release program.

The wine that we present captures the classic profile of Barolo and Barbaresco. It is indeed a very BIG wine with deep, brooding red colour, dense and traditional in style with highly extracted ripe fruit, dark spice, tobacco notes, high alcohol and very pointed tannins that give a sense of power and majesty.

The secret that enabled us to achieve this lofty profile was found when we introduced some rich Syrah juice from Rattlesnake Valley Vineyard in Yakima Valley, Washington into the main bladder and blended Yakima Syrah skins with the Nebbiolo skins into the crushed grape pack. Fermentation on robust crushed grapes seems to be essential to make this blend achieve the levels of intensity that is found in Barolos.

The assertive tannins do demand that this wine be aged at least a year (most Italian Barolo or Barbaresco wines require 5-10 or more years before they are considered approachable) but the rewards for patience are high.

After a year the cherry fruit aromas and flavours begin to show balanced integration with the spice notes, the 2- stage Hungarian oaks, the maturing tannins and the elevated alcohol level. Further ageing will pay further rewards but the wine does retain its signature chewy, dry texture.

This BIG wine demands big foods as pairings. Think game meats (venison, duck, and pheasant), braised beef and lamb, cured meats, truffles and mushrooms, heavy tomato-sauced pasta, rich risottos or break the bank and serve with foiegras. Appropriate cheeses would include Pecorino Romano and a favourite blue cheese.

item #4799-0212
No longer available

March 2012 Limited Release
Lake County, California & Yakima Valley, Washington

This wine without borders looks to 3 grapes originally from 3 French areas - Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Loire Valley and uniquely blends them together in a new world fashion. The result is fabulous wine that still cannot be produced in their most important French Homelands.

Our exclusive blend is 37% Sauvignon Blanc from Lake County California; 35% California Semillon and 28% Chardonnay from California and Yakima Valley, Wash.

Sauvignon Blanc from cooler climate Lake County establishes a base with gooseberry, citrus and grassy notes amid a bright framework.

Semillon adds lushness, softness and fullness to the mouth feel.

Chardonnay contributes apple, pear, melon and more structure.

A flavour Reserve of Chenin Blanc is included for recommended, but optional, use.

American toasted oak is included and is optional based upon personal preference. Our panel was evenly split.

This wine drinks well after 2 or 3 months and is best enjoyed with 18 months.

The wine is a great social sipper and cries out for goat cheese as appetizers or in salads. Pairs nicely with fish, scallop, chicken, pork, veal, pasta and vegetable dishes.
Serve lightly chilled.
item #4799-0312
No longer available
April 2012 Limited Release
Red Mountain Trio(Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot)
Sunset Ridge Vineyard

Fermented on virgin Red Mountain crushed grapes.

Each of these Red Mountain varieties has been offered in prior Limited Release offerings to great acclaim. Red Mountain Cabernet has been awarded more gold medals than any other Cabernet in recent competitions and both the Syrah and Merlot have shown similar success.

While Red Mountain Cabs, Syrahs and Merlots continue to receive acclaim as single varietal wines, Red Mountain has been developing an identity and solid reputation for unique blends combing all three, as we are doing with this offering.

This offering has been styled by our Washington supplier to mimic his most successful blend: 65% Cabernet; 35% Syrah and 15% Merlot... Both juices and skins will share these proportions.

Of particular note, the Syrah stock will include a combination of Cote Rotie and Hermitage clones which have proven to be particularly well suited to Red Mountain. The wine will be truly special and unique on several levels!

The wine will be of the highest quality stock available anywhere. The power of RM Cab with its black currant, unique notes of orange essence and notable minerality and chalk will drive the blend. Syrah will add brightness, black fruit and peppery spice while Merlot helps integrate and soften the whole for earlier approachability.

Two-stage Hungarian oak treatment will add its distinctive nuances and provide the structure upon which the fruit will be built.

To say that we are excited to be able to offer this wine is an understatement.

Cellar at least a year and up to 3 or 4.

Food pairings include your favourite beef, lamb, game and pork dishes as well as hearty pastas, fowl, pizza or wherever you would be reaching for a red wine but want to make the meal more special.

item #4799-0412
No longer available

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