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Country Wine Kit Equipment Package (item #4005)
Country Wine Kit
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Welcome to the Wine Section
Cellar Craft Classique Wine Kits4 Week Wine Kits:

Our Classique Collection wine kits are produced in a 7.5 liter format using varietal juice and international concentrate and made to be bottle ready in as little as 4 weeks. These kits produce 23 liters of finished wine.

Note: Due to the weight of these kits each will be shipped as a single item.
All Classique 4 Week Wine Kits are $70.00
+ $6.00 handling fee

These are White Wine Kits:
Our exclusive blending of Washington and California Chardonnays produce a subtle tropical aroma of pineapple and rich apple and pear flavors. the oak contributes a toasty vanilla charm. Finishes dry with a bit of crispness which mellows with age.
item #4650
Cellar Craft Classique Wine Kits: Chardonnay (item #4650)

  Emerald Riesling:
This is a cross of Johannesberg Riesling and Muscadelle developed specifically for California vineyards. Its appeal comes from attractive acidity with green apple and floral aromatics typical of fine Riesling, while offering excellent value.
Cellar Craft elevates the sensory profile further with the addition of Yakima Johannesberg Riesling juice in a ratio of 20% Yakima Riesling to 80% California Riesling. This adds subtle tangerine aromatics and notes of apricot, peach and rose petal to the overall impression.
item #4651
Cellar Craft Classique Wine Kits: Emerald Riesling (item #4651)
This Cuveé marries Gewurztraminers from California and the Yakima Valley. Finished with our exclusive, all natural "Flavor Reserve". A powerhouse of lychee, mango, grapefruit, honey and spice. Lovely, long finish. Enjoy young or cellar for up to a year.
item #4652
Cellar Craft Classique Wine Kits: Gewurztraminer (item #4652)
Sauvignon Blanc:
A medium-bodied unoaked wine which is fresh and crisp with an overall impression of lemon and lime and a suggestion of gooseberries followed by a snappy finish.
item #4653
Cellar Craft Classique Wine Kits: Sauvignon Blanc (item #4653)

These are Red Wine Kits:
Merlots from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres with medium-body, deep color and a slightly grassy scent which becomes more delicate over time. Gently fruit flavors. Softer with age.
item #4660
Cellar Craft Classique Wine Kits: Merlot (item #4660)
  Cabernet Sauvignon:
A classic from Chile. Deep color, full body and a surprisingly smooth finish. Berry scent and flavor, balanced by mellowing toasted oak. A favorite.
item #4662
Cellar Craft Classique Wine Kits: Cabernet Sauvignon (item #4662)
Pinot Noir:
Medium-bodied Pinot Noir with bright crimson color and an alluring bouquet. Reminiscent of cherry or strawberry jam. An approachable wine.
item #4663
Cellar Craft Classique Wine Kits: Pinot Noir (item #4663)
In the Australian style, this wine is big, bold, yet well rounded. Deep purple hue, hints of berry; peppery with lots of tannin. Benefits from extended aging.
item #4661
Cellar Craft Classique Wine Kits: Shiraz (item #4661)
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