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Welcome to the Liqueur and Soda  Section
Top Shelf Classic Essence liqueur extractsDeveloped for those who want the very best.  This is a commercial quality essence. Each sachet will flavor 2.25 litres (2 x 40 oz bottles) of filtered alcohol.

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Top Shelf American Bourbon
A smooth, rich, bourbon with the strong aroma of peach wood barrel oak. A superior bourbon ideal for drinking straight over ice.
item #8299A

the price $7.95
Top Shelf American Bourbon (item #8299A)
  Top Shelf Dark Jamaican Rum
A smooth, mellow traditional Jamaican dark rum. Full of flavor and warm to the taste. This Caribbean favorite is great with cola, or dry ginger ale.
item #8299F

the price $7.95
Top Shelf Dark Jamaican Rum (Kahlua) (item #8299F)
Top Shelf Reserve Scotch Whisky
A unique blend of several of the best distillations from fermented grains combine to give this Whisky outstanding flavor and aroma. Unique smoky and peaty qualities.
item #8299C

the price $7.95
Top Shelf Reserve Scotch Whisky (item #8299C)
Top Shelf Whisky
A rich, golden, full flavored, single malt whisky style. As you sip this you can almost hear the sound of bagpipes and smell the peat fires burning.
item #8299-2

the price $7.95
Top Shelf Whisky (item #8299-2)
Finishing Formula/ Glycerin
Give your liqueurs additional smoothness and body just like the commercial brands by adding this conditioner.
4 oz.
item #8445

the price $3.50
Finishing Formula/ Glycerin (item #8445)
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