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Two-Stage Deluxe Equipment Package (item #1005)
2 Stage Brewing Kit
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Welcome to the Kegging Section
Beer faucets for the homebrewer. Treat yourself to something nice.

Faucet - Hand-held picnic style (item #7100)Faucet: Hand-held picnic style
item #7100

the price $6.50
Faucet - Hand-held picnic style (item #7100)
  Faucet head - in chrome (item #7102)Faucet head: in chrome
item #7102

the price $24.25
Faucet head - in chrome (item #7102)
Faucet knob - in black (item #7120)Faucet knob: in black
item #7120

the price $3.00
Faucet knob - in black (item #7120)
Faucet Angler
in chrome. Angles handle away from the wall
item #7200
the price $16.00
Faucet Angler (item #7200)
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