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Country Wine Kit Equipment Package (item #4005)
Country Wine Kit
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Two-Stage Deluxe Equipment Package (item #1005)
2 Stage Brewing Kit
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Welcome to the Giftware Section
Save your leftover wine with these handy stoppers and savers.

 Expansion stopper (item #7670)Expansion stopper
item #7670
the price $1.25
Expansion stopper (item #7670)
  2 in 1 Tool (item #7790)2 in 1 Tool:
Use for either opening wine kit bags or holding shrink seals in place while submerging in boiling water.

item #7790

the price $4.25
2 in 1 Tool (item #7790)

Vacuum Wine Saver (item #7675)Vacuum wine saver:
The Wine Saver is a vacuum pump that extracts the air from an open bottle and reseals it with a special reusable rubber stopper. This slows down the oxidation process so that you can open and reseal as many times as you like. As indispensable as a corkscrew! Includes pump and one stopper. Colors may vary.
item #7675
the price $10.75
Vacuum wine saver - with 1 stopper (item #7675)

Vacuum stoppers: 2 pack
item #7680
the price $6.50
Vacuum stoppers - 2 pack (item #7680)
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