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Welcome to the Fruit Bases and Purees Section
Oregon Fruit Products:
Oregon Fruit Products are fresh packed in Oregon's Willamette Valley from local growers. Whether you are using Oregon Fruit Product purees to make delicious wine or enhance your beer, you are in for a treat. Because the seeds have been taken out, there is more fruit by weight than with fresh or frozen fruit. And using a yeast with low attenuation will help preserve the residual sweetness of the fruit. These are seedless fruit purees in 49 oz. cans

Natural Fruit Flavor Concentrates in either 2 ounce or 4 ounce sizes:
These concentrates enhance the flavor and aroma of fruit beers, wines, ciders, and meads. Each 2 or 4 ounce bottle is sufficient to flavor 5 gallons of finished product. If using in wine, stabilize wine before use. Only Apple requires refrigeration but we refrigerate all of our fruit flavors to maximize flavor and maintain freshness.

Vintner's Harvest Fruit Bases:
These are seedless fruit purees in 96 oz. (3 quarts) cans. Bases are solid packed in its own juice with no sugar or sulfites added. Apple and Elderberry contain no fruit bits to brown and soften. Add Vintner's Harvest Fruit Bases to the primary fermentor. Used to make wine when fresh fruit is not in season or use to supplement fresh fruit when time is limited or not enough fresh fruit is available. Vintner's Harvest Fruit Wine Bases come with 5 gallon yield recipes or 3 gallons if you prefer a fuller fruit flavor.

Any of these fruit bases, purees or concentrates can be used to enhance your beer, mead or wine. Especially good for seasonal fruit beers when you want a different flavor to celebrate with. Please remember that some flavors are stronger than others (cherry is strong, peach is light) so take that into consideration when deciding what fruit to use with a particular beer style.

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