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Country Wine Kit Equipment Package (item #4005)
Country Wine Kit
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Two-Stage Deluxe Equipment Package (item #1005)
2 Stage Brewing Kit
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Welcome to the Equipment Section
It can be almost impossible to keep your wort or must at a constant even temperature while fermentation takes place. This belt helps moderate that problem so you have a successful finished product. Also refrigeration controls for those who have a beer fridge.

Brew Belt 120v Heater - (maintains fermentor at 70 degrees) (item #6520)Brew Belt 120v Heater:
(maintains fermentor at 70 degrees)
How does it work?
Place it around the carboy and plug it in. There is no thermostat on the brewbelt, it maintains a constant temperature and thus does not allow the carboy to get too warm. For use when a constant proper room temperature is hard to maintain.

item #6520
the price $28.95
Brew Belt 120v Heater - (maintains fermentor at 70 degrees) (item #6520)
  Johnson Controls Refrigerator Thermostat (item #6515)Johnson Controls Refrigerator Thermostat
item #6515
the price $74.95
Johnson Controls Refrigerator Thermostat (item #6515)
Ranco Digital Controller (item #6517)Ranco Digital Controller
The Ranco ETC is a micorprocessor based temperature controller suitable for switching 120Volts at up to 16Amps for heating or cooling applications making it suitable for a wide range of applications. This is a great universal controller for any application where switching 120Volts or temperatures outside that of a normal home thermostat is required. The sensor with an 8' foot cable and instructions are included with the unit.
item #6517
the price $90.00
Ranco Digital Controller (item #6517)
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