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Buon Vino - Super Jet Filter (item #6810) Ideal for clarifying your wine, giving it the brilliance and sparkle that previously was only achieved in commercial wines.

A professional advancement in home wine making made easy.

The Superjet has been designed with ease and quality in mind. Wine is drawn by means of a self-prime pump into the plastic filtering plates which house the filter pads. The specially designed grooves on the plastic filtering plates direct the wine through the filter pad, allowing the unit to achieve optimum filtering capability.

It does away with long and tiresome operations
Wine is crystal clear, clean and wholesome
No mess, no fuss. A real time saver - quick and easy to use and operate
Operates with 3 filters pads (without asbestos)
3 different grades of filter pads for the enhancement of your wine (coarse, polish & sterilizing)
Made with food grade anti-toxic materials

Technical Data:
Self Prime Pump
Filtering Surface: 1200 cm²
Filtering time: 270 litres per hour (approx)
Length: 49 cm. Height: 46 cm. Width: 26 cm.

Buon Vino Super Jet Filter
item #6810
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