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Welcome to the Chemicals and Sanitizers Section
Finings are additives to beer or wine added in the fermentation stage that help to clean out the extra mix of proteins, pigments, phenolics, dead yeast, etc. in the must or wort. It can keep beer from getting chill haze and wine from being cloudy.

Finings carry either a positive or negative charge that gathers the above mentioned undesirable elements to it. As it attracts more and more particles it gains weight and will sink to the bottom of the fermenter. This sediment can then be easily left behind when siphoning off to rack, bottle or keg.

Please note the wine and/or beer icons after each product. This denotes whether you can use this product for wine or beer or both.

Bentonite: 2 oz.
Used as a fining to clarify wine. 3 tbsp. to 1 pint boiling water, stirring constantly. Cover and let stand overnight. Stir until smooth. Use 1 or 2 tbsp. of slurry per gallon of wine. Mix into small quantity of wine. Add to rest of wine and stir gently.
Rack after wine is cleared.
item #8228

the price $.85
Bentonite - 1 oz. (item #8228)

  Dry Isinglass: 1/4 oz. 
Is a yeast-settling, gelatinous fining agent made from the linings of fish swim bladders. Aids in clarification.
item #8210

the price $3.00
Dry Isinglass - 1/4 oz. (item #8210)
Gelatin: 2 oz. 
Promotes clearing by settling yeast and reduces haze by removing suspended proteins. This is added before bottling. Is odorless and tasteless.
item #8201

the price $2.00
Gelatin - 2 oz. (item #8201)
Irish Moss: 2 oz.
Is a negatively charged, dried seaweed that attracts positively charged beer proteins in the final 15 - 20 mins. of a wort boil to aid clearing. The active ingredient carrageenan deters chill-haze.
item #8203

the price $2.10
Irish Moss - 2 oz. (item #8203)

Polyclar: 1/4 oz. 
Is a polymer (plastic powder) that prevents chill-haze and oxidation.
item #8220

the price $2.75
Polyclar - 1/4 oz. (item #8220)

Sparkolloid: 2 oz.
Used as a fining to clarify wine. Add 1 tsp. per gallon of wine to 1 cup boiling water. For 5 gallons use only 2 cups water. Boil 5-10 minutes until smooth. Add hot to wine and stir gently. Rack after wine is cleared.
item #8225

the price $3.00
Sparklloid - 2 oz. (item #8225)

SuperKleer KC: 
2 Stage Eruo-Finnings for wine, beer and super yeast. Clear wine and beer brilliantly in 12 - 48 hours.
item #8215
the price $3.00
SuperKleer KC (item #8215)
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