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+++Wine Additives
For both Beer & Wine:
+++Yeast Energizers & Nutrients

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2 Stage Brewing Kit
Two-Stage Deluxe Equipment Package (item #1005)

Welcome to the Chemicals and Sanitizers Section
This is used to test the pH of your water.
Beer pH Test Strips:
4.6 - 6.2 pH, 100 test strips
For testing your water's pH level.
item #6645

the price $9.00
Beer pH Test Strips (item #6645)
  Iodine Reagent Solution:
2 oz.
For testing mash conversion: add 1 or 2 drops to mash sample. Purple color indicates presence of starch.
item #8245
the price $11.75
Iodine Reagent Solution - 2 oz. (item #8245)
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