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Welcome to the Bottling Section

1 lb bag of pellets. One pound will coat approximately 65 bottles. For a simple method of use, we recommend melting the wax in soup cans. No mess to clean up off pots, and any unused portion may be stored in the can for re-melting at a later time.

Help preserve your wine's freshness and taste by putting a barrier between the bottle and the air.

Bottle Wax Beads:
Burgundy - 1 lb.

item #7876
the price $15.95
Bottle Wax Beads in burgundy - 1 lb. (item #7876)

  Bottle Wax Beads:
Gold - 1 lb.

item #7877
the price $15.95
Bottle Wax Beads in gold - 1 lb. (item #7877)
Bottle Wax Beads:
Red - 1 lb.

item #7879
the price $15.95
Bottle Wax Beads in red - 1 lb. (item #7879)

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