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Country Wine Kit Equipment Package (item #4005)
Country Wine Kit
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Welcome to the Book and Magazine Section
Everything for the home wine maker from beginner to expert. Learn methods and techniques for getting the most flavor from your wine. We also carry wine log books to help you catalog your efforts.

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The Joy of Home Wine Making (item #5915)Home Wine Making Step by Step
Jon A. Iverson
160 pgs; Paperback
5 7/8" x 8 7/8"
Focused beginners who want to make delicious wines from the very start will find the straightforward layout of this book easy to use. The step-by-step treatment of the basic fermentation process will help beginners avoid the mistakes that discourage many noives. Also a section for Advanced Amatures.
item #5920

the price $17.95
Home Wine Making Step by Step (item #5920)

  The Home Winemaker's Companion (item #5921)The Home Winemaker's Companion
by Gene Spaziani and Ed Halloran
288 pgs; Paperback
8" x 8"
A complete reference for the home winemaker. From getting started with the very first batch to advanced techniques for making wines from grapes, this book covers it all. Includes detailed instructions and helpful hints for using concentrates, kits, juices, fruits, and herbs to create a wide variety of homemade wines.
item #5921

the price $18.95
The Home Winemaker's Companion (item #5921)
The Joy of Home Wine Making (item #5915)The Joy of Home Wine Making
by Terry Garey
274 pgs; Paperback
Is your comprehensive guide to: the most up-to-date techniques and equipment, readily available and affordable ingredients and materials, aging, bottling, racking, blending, and experimenting. Dozens of original recipes for great-tasting fruit wines, spice wines, herb wines, sparkling wines, sherries, liqueurs, even homemade soda pop! A sparkling brief history of winemaking, helpful illustrations and glossary.
item #5915

the price $14.99
The Joy of Home Wine Making (item #5915)

Making Wild Wines and Meads (item #5917)Making Wild Wines & Meads
125 Unusual Recipes Using Herbs, Fruits, Flowers & More
(Revised & Updated)
Originally called Country Wines
176 pages; Paperback
6" x 9"
With more than 40 new recipes, this fully revised edition of the Storey classic Country Wines is a comprehensive, inspiring how-to guide for the growing number of new winemakers.
item #5977
the price $16.95
Making Wild Wines & Meads (item #5977)

Techniques In Home Winemaking (item #5916)Techniques In Home Winemaking
by Daniel Pambianchi
294 pgs; Paperback
9" x 6"
Techniques in Home Winemaking is an easy-to-use, clearly-illustrated book that caters to novices and advanced winemakers alike. It allows home winemakers to make informed decisions on how to make the best wines from concentrates, juices, or grapes using equipment according to their needs and means.
item #5916

the price $21.95
Techniques In Home Winemaking (item #5916)

Winemakers Recipe Handbook (item #5935)Winemakers Recipe Handbook
by Ray Massacessi
101 recipes using several different fruits and grapes.
item #5935

the price $3.95
Winemakers Recipe Handbook (item #5935)
Wine Maker's Answer Book (item #5910)Wine Maker's Answer Book
by Alison Crowe
384 pgs; Flexibind
4 1/2" x 6 3/8"
From the basic process to troubleshooting to creating exotic or sparkling sips, The Winemaker's Answer Book has everything the bewildered winemaker needs to know.
item #5910

the price $14.95
Wine Maker's Answer Book (item #5910)

Winemaker Beginner's Guide (item #5858)Winemaker Beginner's Guide
Thinking about concocting your first batch of wine? Learn how to make wine, whether you're planning on using a kit, juice or fresh fruit. This is your one-stop guide & reference tool to get your winemaking off on the right foot. The WineMaker Beginner's Guide steers you through all the basic steps of selecting equipment, building recipes and knowing your ingredients in an easy to understand format. Don't let the title fool you either. Even if you have several batches under your belt, you're sure to glean some very valuable information in the Beginner's Guide.
  • Intro to Winemaking
  • Wine Kit Section
  • Science Section
  • Grape Wine
  • Country Wine
  • Bottling & Aging
Plus, the guide also includes a bonus section on how to get started making your own beer as well.
item #5858

the price $6.99
Winemaker Beginner's Guide (item #5858)

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