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Get this handy soda kit and start making memories today!
Soda Making Kit
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Welcome to the Book and Magazine Section
For those who wish to make their own sodas and soft drinks. This is a wonderful project for you and your kids to do together. We make root beer soda with our children (even our teenagers are impressed with the taste!) and many fond memories are made each time. Terrific for rainy afternoons!

We also carry a full line of soda making supplies. See the selection of soda extracts like cola, lemon-lime, creme, root beer, raspberry and much more.
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Homemade Rootbeer, Soda, and Pop (item #6020)Homemade Rootbeer, Soda, & Pop
128 pages; Paperback
7 3/8" x 9 1/4"
Make natural sodas at home with this guide to creating traditional and modern soft drinks.

Make delicious old favorites such as Root Beer, Birch Beer, and Ginger Beer, and then branch out to newer fizzy creations like Raspberry Shrub, Coffee Whizzer, and Fruit Smoothies.
item #6020

the price $14.95
Homemade Rootbeer, Soda, and Pop (item #6020)
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