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Country Wine Kit Equipment Package (item #4005)
Country Wine Kit
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Welcome to the Book and Magazine Section
Now, you can buy commercially made meads, but for an intoxicatingly sweet, other-worldly experience we recommend making your own. It is amazingly simple, fast and you control the quality and quantity.

We carry all the mead supplies you will need to make all manner of honey wines - just
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Complete Meadmaker (item #5975)Compleat Meadmaker
by Ken Schramm
212 pgs; Paperback
Home production of honey wine from your first batch to award-winning fruit and herb variations.
item #5975

the price $19.95
Complete Meadmaker (item #5975)
  Making Wild Wines & Meads (item #5977)Making Wild Wines & Meads
Unusual Recipes Using Herbs, Fruits, Flowers & More
by Pattie Vargas, Rich Gulling
169 pgs; Paperback
9.05" x 6.06"
A comprehensive, inspiring how-to guide for the growing number of new winemakers or the wine-curious. Simple instructions allow anyone to create luscious honey meads, refreshing coolers and punches, and elegant wines without expensive equipment of elaborate calculations. With one hundred and twenty-five truly exceptional recipes, (more than 40 of which are new to this edition), you'll learn to create honeysuckle wine, clove and ginger wine, hot cranapple punch, lemon-thyme wine, sweet dessert mead, and many more!
item #5917

the price $16.95
Making Wild Wines & Meads (item #5977)
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