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Welcome to the Book and Magazine Section
Interested in the distilling process? These how to books walk you through making your own drinkable alcohol. Recipes, the science behind fermentation techniques, even how to make your own ethanol for fuel.

The Alaskan Bootleggers Bible (item #6030)The Alaskan Bootleggers Bible
by Leon W. Kania, P. Scotte Kania
198 pgs; Paperback
0.41" x 10.02" x 7.02"
How it's done and then some. Learn how to make your own beer, wine, liqueur and whiskey. Plus humorous tales of life in Alaska and bootlegger stories. From recipes to stills - it's all in here!
item #6030

the price $22.95
The Alaskan Bootleggers Bible (item #6030)
  The Compleat Distiller (item #6027)The Compleat Distiller
by Mike Nixon & Mike McCaw
228 pgs; Paperback
There has never before been a book published on the subject of home distillation as comprehensive as this. Every aspect is covered, from first principles to a clear explanation of the science behind it all. High yield fermentation techniques to still styles. No myths, no guesswork. Just tested and proven facts and designs.
item #6027

the price $25.00
The Compleat Distiller (item #6027)

Moonshine Made Simple (item #6026)Moonshine Made Simple
by Byron Ford
100 pgs; Paperback
An introductory book. Includes sections on fermentation, distillation, still making, purification, flavoring and gasohol for cars
item #6026

the price $12.95
Moonshine Made Simple (item #6026)
 Making Pure Corn Whiskey (item #6028)Making Pure Corn Whiskey
by Ian Smiley
182 pgs; Paperback
All the procedures needed to make a wide variety of whiskeys are described in full, concise detail, using modern and scientific methods.
item #6028

the price $25.00
Making Pure Corn Whiskey (item #6028)

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