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Welcome to the Book and Magazine Section
Want to try something different? Something extraordinary? Cider is easy to make and even easier to enjoy!

Cider Making, Using, and Enjoying Sweet and Hard Cider (item #5965)Cider
Making, Using, & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider
Annie Proulx & Lew Nichols
224 pgs; Paperback
6" x 9"
This new edition of the cider maker's bible covers growing, basic procedures, equipment, materials, making cider blends, cooking with cider, and more
item #5965

the price $14.95
Cider Making, Using, and Enjoying Sweet and Hard Cider (item #5965)
  Making the Best Apple Cider (item #5966)Making the Best Apple Cider
by Annie Proulx
32 pgs; Paperback
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
A quick, easy guide for making apple cider. Learn the best way to make your cider the most delicious and flavorful you've ever had. Simple instructions and recipes are included.
item #5966

the price $3.95
Making the Best Apple Cider (item #5966)
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