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Two-Stage Deluxe Equipment Package (item #1005)
2 Stage Brewing Kit
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Welcome to the Blichmann Products Section
BrewMometerTM Stainless Bi-Metal Thermometer
~Unique Made-For-Brewing Dial Face~
Best Weldless Design Available

* Available by Special Order Only.

Blichmann BrewMometer (item #9210)Blichmann BrewMometer:
3" weldless

Unique made-for-brewing dialface guides the brewer through the brewing process. Arrows indicate ideal process temps. Large graduations and custom temp range make the BrewMometer the most accurate thermometer of its type on the market.

item #9210
the price $40.00
Blichmann BrewMometer (item #9210)

  Blichmann 3" BrewMometer (item #9215)Blichmann BrewMometer:
3" weldless adjustable

This unit features a special dial-face connection that can be rotated to ANY convenient viewing angle (up/down/left/right and anywhere in-between!). No more stooping over or standing on a steel to read the dial of the thermometer! Offered in ½" NPT and our weldless version too!

item #9215
the price $79.00
Blichmann 3" BrewMometer (item #9215)
Blichmann BrewMometer:
½" NPT, fixed
item #9212
the price $32.00

Blichmann 3" BrewMometer ½" NPT, fixed (item #9212)

Blichmann BrewMometer Plug Kit (item #9220)Blichmann BrewMometer Plug Kit:
Plug Kit
item #9220
the price $6.00
Blichmann BrewMometer Plug Kit (item #9220)
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