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Welcome to the Malt Extract Syrups Section
Malt extract syrups are made by a process of crushing and soaking malted grain. It is boiled down to a concentrated liquid (lme) or spray dried to a powder (dme). This creates a short-cut in the brewing process allowing the homebrewer to make a batch of beer in just a couple of hours versus the all day process of all-grain brewing.

We sell LME in a wide variety of plain or hopped flavors (hopped is available by special order only). DME is available in un-hopped ONLY.

Plain (unhopped) liquid extract syrups are sold by Briess are available in both 3.3 lb cans or in bulk up to 12 lbs per container. Please look to your left menu bar for your choices.

Dry malt extracts (dme) by Briess are available in Pilsen, Gold, Amber, Wheat and Dark. Pilsen, Gold and Wheat are available in 2 lb and 6 lb sizes. Amber and Dark are available in 2 lb bags. Please look to your left menu bar for your choices.

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