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Hops Vine
Remember that hop vines are aggressive.
We recommend you plant them so they have their own space to run and a sturdy form to climb onto. They also love sun. A southern exposure is best.
Learn more about growing your own hops with these two handy books:

HomeGrown Hops by David R. Beach
item #5675
Homegrown Hops (item#5675)
The Hombrewers Garden by Joe and Dennis Fisher
item #5680
Homebrewer's Garden (item#5680)

Beer Hops Section
The Hop Rhizomes Section

Hops rhizomes for the 2018 growing season is now open.

Our stock of 2018 hop rhizomes is open for the season. Pre-order your rhizomes now for best selection.

We have also provided ordering links on your left to two very useful books on hop growing so you can get more hops per vine. We highly recommend them for beginners and the casual gardeners among you.

We will ship your order the first week of April when we get our rhizomes from our growers.

Please note the bolded type below about restrictions in sending rhizomes before ordering.

Please note that rhizomes are not guaranteed.

All hop rhizomes are $4.25 each

Important Note: Due to State or USDA restrictions on sending plant materials we DO NOT ship our rhizomes to the following:
Idaho, Oregon, or outside of the continental U.S.A.

Cascade Hops Rhizome
Flowery, citrusy aroma used as aroma hops for lighter ales and lagers.
High hop yield.
Alpha-Acid: 4.5-7.0%
item #1986
Out of stock

  Centennial Hops Rhizome
Medium floral aroma; used as aroma hops for medium to dark ales.
Moderate hop yield.
Alpha-Acid: 9.5-11.5%
item #1987
Centennial Hops Rhizome (item #1987)

Chinook Hops Rhizome
Heavy spice flavor, piney aroma; used for bittering American ales and lagers.
Moderate hop yield.
Alpha-Acid: 12.0-14.0%
item #1988
Chinook Hops Rhizome (item #1988)

Columbus Hops Rhizome
Has a sharp herbal aroma; high oil content; used for bittering American ales, lagers, IPAs and stouts.
Moderate hop yield.
Alpha-Acid: 14.5-15.5%
item #1988A
Columbus Hops Rhizome (item #1988A)

Golding Hops Rhizome
Gentle, fragrant aroma; used primarily in dry hopping pale ales, bitters, porters and stouts.
Moderate hop yield.
Alpha-Acid: 4.0-5.0%
item #1991
Call for availability

Liberty Hops Rhizome
Has a lemon aspect and is citrus. For lighter styles such as Bocks and Lagers. Aroma, finishing hop. Moderate hop yield
Alpha-Acid: 3.0-5.0%
item #1992
Call for availability

Mt. Hood Hops Rhizome
Hybrid of Hallertau. Mild, fragrant aroma. Used for its aromatic properties similar to Hallertau.
Medium hop yield.
Alpha-Acid: 4.0-6.0%
item #1993
Mt. Hood Hops Rhizome (item #1993)

Magnum Hops Rhizome
A bittering/aroma type cultivar. Used for its bittering value and quality.
Avg Alpha Acid: 10 - 12.6%
item #1996

Call for availability
Northern Brewer Hops Rhizome
Fine, fragrant aroma, used for bittering and finishing.
Medium hop yield.
Alpha-Acid: 8.0-10.0%
item #1994A
Northern Brewer Hops Rhizome (item #1994A)

Nugget Hops Rhizome
Heavy, spicy aroma, heavy bitter flavor; used for dark ales and lagers.
High hop yield.
Alpha-Acid: 12.0-14.0%
item #1995
Nugget Hops Rhizome (item #1995)

Sterling Hops Rhizome
Hybrid of Saaz. Used for its aromatic properties similar to Saaz.
Early hop yield.
Alpha-Acid: 4.5-5.0%
item #1997
Sterling Hops Rhizome (item #1997)

Tettnanger Hops Rhizome
Very spicy, floral, very aromatic; used as finishing hops in wheats and lagers. Great in Weissbier!
Moderate hop yield.
Alpha-Acid: 4.5-5.0%
item #1998
Tettnanger Hops Rhizome (item #1998)

Willamette Hops Rhizome
Mild, slighly spicy aroma; used in finishing and dry hopping American and British ales.
Moderate hop yield.
Alpha-Acid: 4.0 - 6.0%
item #1999
Out of stock

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