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Welcome to the Beer Hops Section
We carry a variety of hopped malt extract kits from Coopers and Muntons.

All these kits contain quality ingredients (or we wouldn't sell them!) and easy-to-use instructions. Perfect for the beginner or the person who is pressed for time or space for the more lengthy all-grain brewing.

These hopped malt extract kits pack a powerful punch and are elegant in their simplicity. They allow the homebrewer great latitude in brewing styles.

Choose from lagers, ales, stouts, pilsners, wheats, IPAs, or bitters.

A note: While the 6.6 and 7 lb. kits are complete and just require water to brew, the 3.3 through 4 lb. kits require an additional amount (2 to 3 lbs.) of malt or brewing sugars to brew.

You can also add fruit to the mix to push your beer to new heights of flavor and daring. Please e-mail or call us for our recommendations for your choice of beer style to fruit choice.

Limited only by imagination, come and see if you can't make your tastebuds the happiest they've ever been. And best of all - you've done it yourself!

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