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Welcome to the Beer Grains Section
Flaked Grains for Beer
Grains are sold by the pound. In any quantity needed.
Flaked Grain price is $1.75 per pound
(.454 kilograms or 454 grams)

OIO Flaked Barley
Adds a dryness to all beer styles, particularly stouts and porters.
item #2250

OIO Flaked Barley (item #2250)
  OIO Flaked Maize
Use to lighten the body of any finished beer, particularly American lagers.
item #2255

OIO Flaked Maize (item #2255)
OIO Flaked Oats
Use to add typical oat flavor to the wort to create oatmeal stouts. Requires the use of additional water in the mash.
item #2260

OIO Flaked Oats (item #2260)
OIO Flaked Rice
Use to lighten body and to add crispness to any beer, particularly American lagers.
item #2272

OIO Flaked Rice (item #2272)
OIO Flaked Rye
Adds typical rye spiciness to Roggen and other rye beers.
item #2265

OIO Flaked Rye (item #2265)
OIO Flaked Wheat
Provides typical wheat characteristics, such as increased foam and head retention. Intended for wheat beers such as Weizen, Wit, Belgian White and Weiss.
item #2270

OIO Flaked Wheat (item #2270)
Rice Hulls
No Flavor or Color Contribution. Rice Hulls are a filtering aid that improve the speed of vorlauf and lautering. They are particularly effective when brewing high gravity beers with a big grist; beer made with a high percentage of specialty malts; and wheat and rye beers. Use 2-5% directly into the mash prior to lautering.
item #2508

Rice Hulls (item #2508)
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