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Welcome to the Malt Extract Syrups Section
Briess Bulk Malt Extracts
$2.50 per pound
plus $3.00 additional charge for the container (up to 12 lbs.) which is required for bulk malt purchases.

Briess PilsnerPilsner
80% fermentable. The lightest colored brewer's grade malt extract available. Use alone for light-colored beers, or with specialty malts to brew beers of all styles. Excellent for boosting gravity and yeast propagation. Ingredients: Pilsen Malt, Carapils® Malt.

For 6 lbs.
item #1500-6
Bulk Malt Extract Pilsner 6 lbs. (item #1500-6)
For 7 lbs.
item #1500-7
Bulk Malt Extract Pilsner 7 lbs. (item #1500-7)
For 10 lbs.
item #1500-10
Bulk Malt Extract Pilsner 10 lbs. (item #1500-10)
For 12 lbs.
item #1500-12
Bulk Malt Extract Pilsner 12 lbs. (item #1500-12)
*For orders of any other amount please call the store.
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